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What time is it? gamescom Time!

It’s finally August again, MSI will be at gamescom and obviously we’ll have a booth and bring tons of things to entertain you.

MSI Gamescom Stand

Spectacular Shows and Livestreams

We browsed through the Internet and invited lots of nice guys: Staiy, Rumble Pack, LostAiming, BiberBros, tinNendo, N3ONTV, Lennyficate, SlethZockt, Eyecident, PlayNation, NerdStar.tv, Max Fresh, Dan and Tibor (those two from MSI) and many more with too much time on their hands are going to talk, game, stream and do shenanigans on and behind the MSI Stage.

Rumble Pack Staiy BiberBros tinNendo N3ONTV
Jens Herforth Lostaiming Lennyficate Eyecident SlethZockt
Max Fresh Nerdstar.tv DAN Tibor


Well, who doesn’t? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Luckily, you have the best of luck, because there will be gaming PCs, graphic cards, noble gaming chairs from NobleChairs, dragons, experience points and a whole lot of other things to win for people who could make it to gamescom and also for those lazy ones at home!

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MSI Booth Layout


League of Legends

Everyone can join on the League of Legends stage for 5on5 matches, there is no registration needed. Five random people will battle against five other attendants, the matches will be live commentated on by pro caster N30NTV and there will be goodies to win, too!

MSI Gaming Galore and VR-Area

There is something to check out at our booth: graphics cards, motherboards, big gaming beasts, small gaming beasts, notebook beasts, small mouse-beasts, headsets. Whoops, something? More like everything, and you can test it all!
You are not afraid of any challenge? We dare you to take a seat in our roller coaster simulator and experience the thrill ride of your life!

Line Up

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Arlt Computer Agando Corsair
HyperX Inwin Mr. Brown Coffee Drink