All-in-One PC

 Windows 8.1
 Latest Intel Haswell Platform
 Exclusive Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light Technology
 Sufficient USB 3.0 Slot with Super Charge Technology
 Exclusive Display Adjusting Software – ScenaMax 
 Anti-Glare Display (Optional)
 Support 1 COM port for connecting barcode readers, credit card machines or credit card billing machines



The AE201 Compact the Windows 8.1





The AE201 are fully-supporting Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 breaks the architecture by past Windows operating systems; whereas, it applies UI interface that based on the concept of Metro, which will allow users to interact with Windows 8.1 more instinctive and work more flexible even smoother. By Windows 8.1, the AE201 could be the fantasy platform for the new mobile generation, connecting several kinds of device together, such as the PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Under the Windows 8.1 environment, people can seamlessly and effortlessly share data, pictures, and files without time and location limitation. The ergonomic design allows you to operate the device with ease and enjoy joy endlessly feeling about high-tech. The compact design blends seamlessly into designer interiors and enhances the overall look of style and sophistication.  



Revolutionary 4rd-generation Intel® Core™ processors 

The AE201 are powered by 4rd Generation Intel® Core™ Haswell processors manufactured with the latest 22 nm process. These new processors effectively enhance performance with reduced power consumption, and their graphics processing units are integrated into the CPUs on the same chips, which provides higher graphics capabilities, smoother high-definition video playback, as well as greater gaming experiences.

MSI Exclusive Anti-Flicker


The Anti-Flicker technology integrated into the AE201 display stabilizes the power current and prevents flickering invisible to the naked eye under normal conditions. When used for extended periods of time, it effectively reduces eyestrain while also improving productivity. According to medical research, the average flickering rate of conventional monitors is 200 times/sec. This means that your eyes will suffer from over 5 million flicker times in a standard 8 hour working day, which can result in computer vision syndrome. 






Less Blue Light
Blue light is light with wavelengths in the 381nm to 500nm range. This can be dangerous to the human eye, causing cataract and retinal degeneration. The Anti-Flicker display of the MSI AE201 All-in-One PC effectively reduces blue light. 




Meet The Business Needs

The AE201 provides a COM port for connecting to barcode readers, credit card machines or credit card billing machines, making it an optimal cutting-edge platform for a variety of commercial applications, and altogether replacing existing commercial POS machines. 


Dual Display with VGA & HDMI

MSI AE201 provides a VGA-out and HDMI-out that are able to connect to a second screen and support two screens at the same time. Furthermore it can be used in transferring to a device with larger screen like an overhead projector, allowing your AIO to increase working efficiency with more possibility in a large variety of situations.  
USB 3.0 with MSI Super Charger

With MSI Super Charger technology, it does not only function as normal USB 3.0 port, but also enable users to charge cell phones or MP3 players even when the system is tuned off.


The USB 3.0 supports transfer rates up to 5 Gbps, or ten times that of USB 2.0, making it the fastest transfer interface available on the market today.






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